CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility (CEM)

CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility (CEM)

IT & remote management
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    CEM 15.0
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CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility (CEM) enables IT departments to centrally manage devices’ fleet. It allows organizations to utilize both company and BYOD connected devices in the required business use context.

CEM configures devices and applications for enterprise deployment, track device inventories, settings and usage to verify compliance with enterprise policies; mitigates data loss/theft, and helps IT departments troubleshoot mobile device problems.
Value Proposition: CEM is an intuitive and simplified enterprise mobility management solution that focuses on the functionality essentials of IT departments and facilitates smart connected devices management at a low cost.

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  • Central assets inventory and ownership management
  • Group derived management with an inheritance mechanism
  • Policies: Password, Backup (contacts)
  • Mobile Applications Management (prohibited; required; recommended; an internal app store)
  • Use restrictions (camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, data, roaming, and more)
  • Mass device configurations (Exchange; Wi-Fi; VPN)
  • Browser Control
  • Time and location-based policies fulfillment
  • Secure SharePoint Container
  • Usage level monitoring and alerts (Data; Calls; Messages)
  • Restricted use to specific apps (“Kiosk” mode)
  • Device homepage branding management
  • Files distribution management
  • Device data recovery (remote locate, lock, wipe)
  • Complete remote device takeover from afar

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CommuniTake is a software company that builds security, productivity, and management solutions to guarantee the highest level of connected devices security.

CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security is a mobile Endpoint Protection Platform that dramatically improves the security of connected devices, provides powerful in-depth protection against mobile cyber-attacks and ensures seamless device performance and remediation. CommuniTake provides purpose-built solutions geared towards wide-ranging security essentials across dedicated mobile devices, locked-down networks, and encrypted communications.

CommuniTake specializes in custom-built devices, remote access and support technology, mobile operating systems, and security architecture, ensuring best-of-all-worlds mobile security and productivity solutions.

North America Carrier

CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility (CEM) is delivered as VAS to North American carrier business customers. Users value the simplified experience and the usage monitoring that eliminate bill shocks.


Care service provider

An emergency care services provider deploys CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility (CEM). CEM is used to manage medical personnel devices including, first aid, healthcare professionals, and drivers. The customer values the smart feature set and the ability to assume complete remote control from afar over devices and ensure seamless device performance in mission-critical situations.


Indian Carrier

CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility (CEM) is delivered as VAS to Indian carrier business customers.

Users value the appealing cost-value ratio and the unique device diagnostics including battery state and alerts and performance indicators.

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