Genius Maps – Offline GPS Truck Navigation

Genius Maps – Offline GPS Truck Navigation

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Genius Maps is a premium application which installs on your device.
It’s an offline route planning, exploration and navigation app that doesn’t require a mobile internet connection to search and navigate. All the maps are stored on your
device, so there are no roaming costs and your battery lasts longer.

  • Turn by turn navigation
    Relax and let Genius Maps help you navigate your way around the world. Prepare for a turn ahead of time with multiple warnings and instructions given at several predefined distances
  • Automatic Rerouting
    Tired of missing turns and wondering how to get back on track? With automatic rerouting, you'll get a new route less than a second after you miss a turn
  • Lane Assistance
    Never miss a turn with the help of lane assistance, which will tell you in which lane to drive in order to make every turn hassle free
  • Poi along the Route
    Essential points of interest like gas stations, rest areas and parking garages are prominently displayed along your active navigation route
  • Navigation View
    The map display zooms in and out automatically as you navigate to provide the clearest view of your upcoming route maneuvers
  • Safety Cameras
    Stay informed about approaching safety camera locations so you can be more alert to your surroundings and drive safer, while avoiding a ticket. Safety Cameras are a paid option with a lifetime license for a selected country or region
  • Live Traffic
    Be aware of the traffic around you at all times thanks to Live Traffic. Know which roads are congested and which ones you can basically fly through. Genius Maps will help you avoid delays caused by congestion, accidents, construction, police activity and other road incidents
  • Offline Maps
    Download, remove and redownload maps an unlimited number of times. All of the maps are free to download, have no expiration date and can be used forever for route planning and truck navigation
  • Truck Dimensions
    Input your truck's width, height, length, weight and weight per axle and let Genius Maps take watch of the limits for you. Never be afraid of going down a road you shouldn't be using. With Genius Maps, you'll be directed down the best possible route
  • Various Truck Types
    Whether it's delivery or trailer trucks, Genius Maps is available to everyone. Genius Maps will route you around areas which are hard to navigate by truck, while keeping the route as quick and efficient as possible
  • Diverse Cargo
    Don't worry about transporting hazardous, explosive or water harmful materials. We'll make sure you're directed away from large water areas or areas off limits to dangerous goods transport vehicles
  • Truck Map Attributes
    Stay on track with all the new truck road regulations by following the Genius Maps directions. Feel at ease and stop checking which street is off limits to trucks by simply listening to our voice navigation
  • Avoid Minor Roads
    Drive along your designated route without worrying what types of roads you'll encounter. Pick the roads you want to avoid or the roads you explicitly want to take and Genius Maps will calculate the best route for your conditions
  • Realistic Eta Calculations
    Know exactly when you'll get to your destination with our advanced time calculations. Factor in jams, roadworks, road accidents and more to always be aware of exactly how long your journey will take
  • API interface
    Genius Maps allows integration of fleet dispatcher with navigation through API interface. Send the route to Genius Maps and let the navigation lead your drivers through the day
  • Dimas Ari

    using data from here maps
  • Antonius Suparman

    This app very smart and correct
  • Lee Gallagher

    excellent navigation app that needs no mobile signal to function. routes are calculated almost instantly as is re-routing, in case you go your own way on part of a journey. top class. highly recommended.
  • Chubby Poulet

    Great offline app.
  • Loannis Tompros

    This is the only professional navigation app. The era of free navigation apps that are not as smart as this, they will take you through an easy route and not the truly faster one. This one is the only one that if you actually follow it exactly, will teach you some real shortcuts even in areas that you think you know very well. High recommend.

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Mireo is one of the pioneers in the development of GPS navigation and telematics software solutions for consumers, vehicle tracking, fleet management and business
optimization. Everything we do at Mireo is focused on providing world class sophisticated technology in order to simplify the way we live, work and navigate our

planet’s roads. Innovation is at the core of what we do. We develop and deliver innovative technological solutions that are focused on exceptional performance and
maximum value for our clients and partners.

Genius Maps, our fifth generation GPS navigation software line  for both consumer and automotive markets, has more than 10 million implementations worldwide,
and with our telematics and fleet management technology, we continue our expansion in the European and Asian fleet management market.





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