Light Metrics

Light Metrics

Driver assistance, Fleet Safety
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A video analytics application that provides real-time Safety warnings for the driver and the fleet manager. The application warnings include Tailgating , Forward, Collision Warning, Lane Departure, Speed Sign Detection and Stop Sign Detection.

  • ADAS
  • Driver behavior
  • Video recording
  • Real-time Safety warnings for the driver and the fleet manager
  • Fleet and Driver analytics
  • Fleet managers and TSP dashboard for backend system
  • Safety Events:
  • Safety Events:
  • Safety Events:
    Collision Warning
  • Safety Events:
    Lane Departure
  • Safety Events:
    Speed Sign Detection
  • Safety Events:
    Stop Sign Detection
  • G. U.

    Great product. Very useful!

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LightMetrics offers an ADAS and video analytics platform

to help mobility businesses understand driving behaviour better.

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