Micronet ATS

Micronet ATS

Diagnostics, Driver assistance, On the road
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Micronet’s ATS (Android Telematics Solution Management) application provides a Fully Configurable Fleet Management Logic Implementation “traditional Telematics Black Box emulation”, allowing concurrent operation with other applications.

These include both Proprietary or Third- party Android™ Applications. It is integrated with the Enterprise Backend System (but can be integrated with any other Backend system), and powered by Android TM Multi- Tasking Open Environment.

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  • Configurable GPS position events
  • Vehicle Use Monitoring
  • Vehicle Condition Status
  • Vehicle Location
  • Custom Input Monitoring
  • Power State Control
  • Configuration and Update control
  • Digital and Analog I/O signal monitoring
  • Access to CAN and J1708 Vehicle data
  • Configurable I/O state event generation
  • Communication management
  • Self-diagnostic and recovery
  • Autonomous Communication stability control
  • Power management and Product Wakeup states control
  • Independent interactive functionality with 3rd party applications
  • Configurable Backend communication scripts
  • Store and Forward functionality
  • Driver Behavior Safety Control
  • Configurable GPS position events
  • G.U.

    Highly recommend anyone who has the option to install. Works great!

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ABOUT Micronet

Micronet has over three decades of experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of mobile computing platforms for integration into fleet management and mobile workforce management solutions.

Built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of commercial vehicles, our products have been adopted by leading global Telematics Service Providers and Mobile Workforce Management providers and help reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

With over one million units sold, Micronet devices are utilized in broad-ranging vertical markets, including long and short-haul trucking, public transportation, field service, public safety, infrastructure, utilities, government, construction, waste management, and more.

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