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Diagnostics, Driver assistance, Maintenance
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Nebula Systems is a world leader in enabling third party access to OEM vehicle data. Nebula IP uniquely enables companies in the Connected Car space to access any vehicle’s OEM data without requiring any prior knowledge of vehicle systems.

Nebula Systems services allows access to vehicle ECUs data at an OEM level as well as to real time vehicle events. Based on 25 years’ worth of automotive data engineering expertise, the NC1701 application completely eliminates the need for any costly and time-consuming vehicle reverse engineering and leaves our clients free to concentrate on monetizing their business models.

Not to be confused with generic SAE J1979 OBD data, Nebula access the entire vehicles CAN bus and all its ECUs for OEM level “hidden” data like:


  • Actual Fuel Level
  • Real Odometer
  • Door Status
  • Vehicle Occupancy
  • Tire Pressure Status
  • Service Information: Time to Next Service/Distance to Next Service and dozens of others…


Nebula Systems is the leading company when it comes to the widest coverage of vehicle models with access to OEM parameters and diagnostic trouble codes.

We support – Complete vehicle OEM ECU access with:

More than 1200 vehicle models – More than 500,000 OEM PIDs (Parameter ID) – More than 500,000 OEM DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

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  • World-wide extended vehicle coverage (>48 Makes & >1200 models)
  • Enhanced OEM PID reading (>500,000)
  • Enhanced OEM DTC reading (>500,000)
  • Full remote diagnostics
  • Standard OBD2 commands
  • Advanced low power modes
  • Advanced ignition detection
  • OEM VIN Reading
  • Enterprise-grade encryption security
  • G. U.

    Professional diagnostics Excellent , well put together app , coverage almost oem and applications run faster smoother than most oem online diagnostics platforms
  • R Alonso

    Works very well Nice app to read all ECU values from your vehicle.
  • Jim Robb

    Mech 5 Inspiring new app that has alot of potential

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Nebula Systems was founded in 2013 in response to the growing need for cloud
access to vehicle data.
We’re passionate about developing innovative cloud solutions for the
connected-car industry and our multi-awarding winning MECH5 platform
represents the core that drives existing and new products and services for:
• Vehicle and fleet owners
• Roadside assistance companies

• Garages
• Third party partners
Our products and services simplify the process of leveraging data from the
connected-car which in turn allows you to create new and exciting products for
your customers.

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