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Otorize is the first scientifically proven test to assess impairment, whether it be alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs, or any other substance. This quick, simple test reports accurate impairment results within seconds. Regulate your safety to reduce chance of accidents, injury, and death.

Otorize developed a simple yet breakthrough App that uses a scientifically proven cognitive test that can detect cognitive impairment in seconds. It is NOT intrusive – NOT biological – NOT chemical – It does NOT use membranes or filters and there is NO need for maintenance. Being a cognitive test, 100% digital, it is effective on any substance, alcohol, cannabis, drugs, and more. We categorize Otorize as a Health and Safety solution. This product is a driver safety App (SDK) that can determine if a person is ‘fit to drive’ before they get behind the wheel. The pictures below attached are from the current App, yours, or the customer’s might look different depending on their implementation.

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  • Fully featured SDK able to be integrated into any custom app (today only for Android, soon also for iOS)
  • One-time Baseline process, evaluates individual’s cognitive state and records baseline to be used later on in following tests
  • Impairment Test, using the previously recorded baseline, Otorize tests and determines if an individual is impaired in a matter of seconds
  • The finding, Yes/No impaired, is then submitted to the original process to determine next steps: Prevent ignition (if failed in test), Alert supervisor, escalation, and more
  • G.U.

    Appears to be a positive practice effect, at least while I'm non-impaired. Not sure yet if practice effect exists while impaired. Any data?
  • Arieh X

    Very good!

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Otorize, with headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel,
was founded in 2016 with an aim to reduce the number fatalities caused by human error as a result of impairment.


Following intensive research and development,
Otorize is now able to offer the first effective solution in detecting cognitive impairment in seconds.

Using a scientifically proven method for evaluating an individual’s cognitive state, based on a
one-time baseline recorded at first install, Otorize can compare, evaluate and determine an
individual’s cognitive state in a matter of seconds.

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