Become A Partner

If you have developed an Android Telematics App or service that is ready for market deployment or
are looking for distribution through various telematics channels, the Micronet Marketplace
might be just what you are looking for.

Micronet is one of the leading telematics HW providers worldwide, with a deployment of over
1,000,000 field units. Our open and flexible Android-based Telematics platforms offer complete
HW+SW solutions for Telematics Service Providers.

The Micronet Marketplace is the place where the industry comes to get concentrated
information on the latest technologies in Telematics as well as being the resource for
innovations and new applications for our global System Integrators, VAR’s and TSP’s.

The advantages of working with Micronet are numerous:

1. Reduced cost of deployment
2. Increased revenue streams
3. Closer contact to end user issues
4. Faster scale to product performance
5. Next generation development

The Partnering Process Steps:

1. The service developer evaluates Micronet’s hardware; SmartHub, SmarTab to ensure
compatibility of the product/service.

2. Micronet evaluates the service developers application to determine customer interest,
ease of use, and value proposition to end users and distributors.

3. The service developer and Micronet jointly determine integration paths, areas of
responsibility and potential pricing strategies.

4. The service developer and Micronet determine “Go” “No Go” decision on moving forward

5. A “Go” decision will lead to the signing of a Supplier/Distributor Agreement