How it Works

The Micronet Marketplace is here to serve you with the latest applications that can significantly
upgrade your current telematics capabilities with the latest technologies. Using the easily
navigated site and its rich filtering tools, you have easy access to the growing number of next-
generation business intelligence and advanced “Smart-Fleet” applications such as ADAS, ELD,
Distracted Driver, Driver Coaching, Video Analytics, Remote Diagnostics and more.

While there is a great deal of accessible information available for random visitors, we
recommend signing up which will give you better and deeper access to information as well as
simplify getting personalized answers, support and download access.

The business model is usually a subscription-based contract, with the service fee based on actual
usage in most cases. Once a PO is issued, you will be able to either download the application or
push it to your customer devices.

For more information, contact our sales team and they will be happy will get back to you with a
detailed proposal.